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May 31, 2012



One breath away from mother Oceanðòa
Your nimble feet make prints in my sands
You have done good for yourselves
Since you left my wet embrace
And crawled ashore
Every boy, is a snake is a lily
Every pearl is a lynx, is a girl
Sweet like harmony made into flesh
You dance by my side
Children sublime
You show me continents
I see islands
You count the centuries
I blink my eyes
Hawks and sparrows race in my waters
Stingrays are floating
Across the sky
Little ones, my sons and my daughters
Your sweat is salty
I am why
I am why
May 28, 2012

Magic Vargan

Magic Vargan

playin it. beadwork by me.

May 26, 2012

He says that behind my eyes I’m hiding…

May 26, 2012

Liquid Diamonds

Surrender then start you engines
You’ll konw quite soon what me mistake
For those on horseback or dog sled
You turn on at the bend in the road
I hear she still grants forgivenesss
Although I willingly forgot her
The offering is molasses and you say
I guess I’m an underwater thing so I
Guess I can’t take it personally
I guess I’m an underwater thing I’m
Liquid running
There’s a sea secret in me
It’s plain to see it is rising
But I must be flowing liquid diamonds
Calling for my soul
At the corners of the world
I know she’s playing poker with the rest of the stragglers
Calling for my sould at the corners of the world
I know she’s playing poker
And if your friends don’t come back to you
And you know this is madness
A lilac mess in your prom dress
And you say
I guess I’m and underwater thing

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May 24, 2012

Mari Boine / “Uldda Nieida”

In Sá­mi mythol­o­gy, the Uld­da niei­da is the daugh­ter of the crea­tures who live be­neath the ground. Uld­da Niei­da was a dream of a wom­an, who could be­witch men for eter­ni­ty if they did­nt know the mag­ic formulas which could free them from her em­brace.

May 24, 2012

Tagaq / “Tiriganiak”

“When it’s so sparse and flat and frozen. I’m looking out and there’s nothing: not a house, not one vehicle and you don’t know if anyone has ever walked there before. It’s really humbling and it’s okay to die. That’s probably one of the only times I feel that it’s okay to die. I could die at that second and everything would just be fine.” –Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq Gillis on her hometown, Nunavut.